Yellowstone National Park

I would have thought Yellowstone -the nation’s first National Park and our 11th of the trip- would have been a highlight for us. Half the world’s geysers. Incredible wildlife. Come on what’s not to like? Unfortunately it was jam packed with people, cars, mosquitoes and the weather was horrible. Yeah but what about the wildlife? […]

Grand Teton National Park

We spent almost two weeks in Grand Teton National Park. Awesome views and great hiking. We saw moose, buffalo, pronghorns, and marmots. We really need a telephoto lens to get closer to the wildlife. Oh and I forgot to mention a grizzly bear that came into our camp. I had Jaime throw rocks and sick […]

Sinks Canyon State Park Wyoming

We are currently just outside of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. We spent Thursday through today at Sinks Canyon State Park in Lander. Our camp site was right on the river. We enjoyed some hiking and wildlife viewing. The big horn sheep below rammed a truck that stopped too close to him.

Rocky Mountain National Park

We spent the past week up at Rocky Mountain National Park. And I do mean up… our camp was at 8,400ft and I did a hike to almost 12,000ft. The only negative was that the park was pretty crowded due to the 4th of July holiday. Longs Peak 14,259ft – Northernmost 14,000ft peak Moraine Park […]

Rocky Mountain High

We spent the past two days in a great spot on Lake Dillion outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. Over 9,000 feet elevation but not too cool at night. Today we made it over the Rockies and down into Denver Our current spot is not so picturesque but we wanted to spend a few days here checking […]

Telluride Colorado

We left Mesa Verde and headed North up scenic highway 145. What a beautiful drive with leafy green aspen trees, green meadows, following streams, and 14,000 foot rugged mountains. We stayed in Matterhorn Forest Service Campground about 20 minutes outside of Telluride. A very nice spot but a bit chilly at night due to its […]

Mesa Verde National Park, CO

A quick update on our visit to Mesa Verde National Park. We saw some amazing Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwelling ruins. We currently in Telluride Colorado and I’m uploading this from the public library and would like to get outside and mountain bike – it’s beautiful here! Here’s the link to photos on Flickr.

Slickrock Trail

Yesterday I rode the Slickrock Trail outside of Moab. This has been on my to do list since I started mountainbiking almost 20 years ago. The trail did not disappoint and was much harder than I imagined. The above picture doesn’t really capture just how steep and difficult the climbing was. At the start. “Hey this doesn’t look too […]