Belize City

We finally left Placencia on 6/7. We were starting to think that Placencia had some kind of vortex sucking us in and not letting us leave. Capt. Jim couldn’t believe the number of days that we had been tied up at the marina when he asked me. No question we will be back some day but we really had to go.

First stop was Laughing Bird Caye National Park. We took a mooring and did some snorkeling. The coral and aquatic life were incredible.

Laughing Bird Caye, Belize

Laughing Bird Caye, Belize

We spent the night at a nearby caye but the anchorage was very rolly and the wind blew a steady 18 knots all night with thunder and lightning. The rolling motion makes sleeping difficult.

The next morning we left for Garbutt Caye. Garbutt Caye is a very good anchorage with good holding, protection from most wind direction and a character named Harry who has proclaimed himself the Mayor of Garbutt Caye. Capt. Jim met him a few years ago and makes a point to bring the mayor a small gift of canned food, books, and liquor. The mayor has reciprocated with fish and lobster. This year we brought him a bottle of Whiskey from Guatemala… well to be honest it was 2% whiskey and 98% agricultural distillates according to the bottle. Hmm… I wonder if that was why we didn’t get any lobster or fish this time?

Garbutt Caye

After two restful nights at Garbutt we headed to Cucumber Beach Marina in Belize City. It’s actually a few miles south of Belize City and features shotgun totting guards at night so it’s a safe place. The sailing was great coming up with beam winds to 20 knots and a mild chop pushing us North. Tomorrow we will get some much needed produce and supplies and then head for Caye Caulker.

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  1. Scott your pics are fabulous. We want to come. Of course the big guy would have trouble with the high seas. Keep up the good work.

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