Converging in New Mexico

We met up with friends at Cochiti Lake near Santa Fe which was a really nice campground managed by the dam agency. We enjoyed some rig parties including a two-day birthday party that started with celebrating Becky Brusen’s birthday and then staying up into the wee hours to toast Scott Heinz. Too much fun. Instagram post link.

The next stop was Taos and a dirt parking lot next to the Hotel Luna Mystica and Brewery for the Xscapers Convergence. This group is definitely fun.

On Memorial day the group caravan-ed down to Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds to stay at another dirt field with tons of goat head thorns much to the bane of every dog present. Fortunately, we enjoyed Santa Fe and had some great meals and drinks with friends. We left a little early to go back to Cochiti Lake.

We went hiking at Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos and explored Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings.

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  1. andy sichler says: Reply

    Great pics of an area that we love to travel in. You have captured the essence of what RVing is all about.

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