Happy Holidays 2017

I’ve been a complete blog slacker so here’s one post for 11/17/17 – 12/28/17. We went back to the Thousand Trails in Palm Springs and met up Denny and Veronica for Thanksgiving.  I cooked a 14-pound turkey breast in our convection oven which turned out pretty good after a minor fire and ditched effort to cook in the BBQ.

Photo by Denny Winkowski

The day after we did a fun Jeep trip into Joshua Tree National Park with Corey and Tonya who met in Zion last spring through Instagram.

Photo by Gothatroad

The RV park is close to a great brewery – La Quinta Brewing. We went a couple of times with friends and really enjoyed the beer and Jenga!

Photo by RV Outlawz

On December 1st we moved The Bago into storage for the month. We went to Hermosa Beach for a few day and then caught a flight out to Cabo San Lucas to meet up Jim and Tami (Jaime’s brother and sister in law).

Even though we stayed in a nice hotel, I think we prefer our own comfortable bed in The Bago and being able to drive our home to paradise like we did last year in San Felipe.  Back in Palm Spring at Jaime’s Mom’s condo for Christmas.




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  1. Awesome update Scott & Jaime & friends!!

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