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This is my wife and I. We are incredibly lucky or incredibly insane depending on who you talk with. We cashed out, left the rat race, quit our jobs, sold our crap – well… a good chunk anyways – and moved to a condo in Palm Springs so we could live simply and travel.

First stop May 7th…  Mexico/Belize/Guatemala by bus with my father-in-law Captain Jim. Captain Jim and I sailed his boat (Island Time) down from Texas to Guatemala in June 2005 and now are going to sail it back from Guatemala to Texas. That’s a pic of Captain Jim from when we crossed the Gulf of Mexico. Wave size doesn’t seem to photograph well but those are 10 – 15 foot swells being pushed by 40 knot winds. Link to excerpts from Captain Jim’s log. My wife missed out on the fun in 2005 so she volunteered to make the crossing this June. Hopefully this will be a more leisurely trip as I don’t have a job to get back to like last time.

We’ve made a few trips down to Belize to meet Captain Jim and sail around the Cayes

Several people have asked if I was going to keep a blog so I well try updating this when access to the Internet permits. Hopefully I can get some good pics of people’s chickens on the bus down to Guatemala. Etiquette question -do you ask permission before photographing the chicken?

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  1. Good stuff man, proud and very happy for you guys!! Hope you strike it bigtime rich. Keep in touch, and remember your Canadian friends. 🙂

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