It isn’t all sunsets and rum drinks..

Stormy Caye Caulker, Belize

We’ve been getting hit by squalls lately generated by tropical waves (low pressure systems) with 35 knot winds and torrential rains. The good news is that we filled our water tank with fresh rainwater. The bad news is that we have some cabin fever setting in and I’m wondering when we will all go mad and eat each other. Jaime suggests that we might take out Cpt. Jim first. I’m sleeping with the machete. OK it’s not that bad and I can think of worst places to be stuck.

Hopefully the weather calms down and we can make the jump up North to Mexico and start thinking about crossing the gulf. Belize has no Walmarts, McDonalds, Costcos or any other kind of chain stores so sometimes it’s hard to find things. Cancun has it all so it’s starting to sound like the promised land for provising the boat.

We found a bar with free Wifi. Well I better let Jaime have the laptop. I’m not sure where I put the machete and she might have it…

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