Orca Whale and San Juan Sightseeing Tour

We considered taking the ferry over to Victoria, B.C. but opted to do a whale watching tour and stop over at Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands instead. We hopped on the Puget Sound Express boat Olympic. The weather was changing from sunny to cloudy but the views on the water of Mt. Baker and the Olympics were still great.


Looking towards Olympic Peninsula

About an hour into the trip our captain located a pod of transient Orcas. These whales are constantly on the move and where hunting seals.

The Pack

According to the captain, the males large dorsal fin was six feet tall.


The sound of the breathing whales on the surface was pretty incredible.


I was lucky to get the below shot as the whale came up to the surface to take a look around.


2 Replies to “Orca Whale and San Juan Sightseeing Tour”

  1. Truly beautiful sights. Sometime you’ll have to go over to Vancouver Island and explore. We love it. Great snaps of the Orcas. Did they swim under your boat? That happened to me once and it was truly terrifying but exciting. Stay in touch. When do you head back to CA?
    The weather here has been unbelievable…feels like Hawaii.

    1. They were staying away from the boats. I would like to get closer sometime but not when I’m diving;) We are leaving today. Hope your weather sticks around.

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