Saddle Mountain

We met up with Kirk and Anya at Saddle Mountain, a great free camping spot outside of Phoenix. This place definitely ticks all of our free camping boxes with great views, fairly easy access, hiking, and wide open spaces. Bonus – really fast AT&T internet on the Mobley and broadcast digital HD TV to enjoy some of the Olympics.

Even Crosby seemed to enjoy camping here. We didn’t encounter too many stickers but we decided to try out his new boots.

He took a couple of headers when he tried to run but otherwise we will call these a success for his first try.


Thankfully we didn’t notice any nude hikers.

I had hoped to make it up to the top of the mountain but didn’t find the route until too late in the day and ran out of time. Next time!

A little rain helped keep the dust down.

Kirk and Anya are starting their eastward migration for the next year so we are not sure when we will see them next. See you down the road friends!

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