The next adventure

Note: see our new trailer blog for current updates.

Last summer as chronicled here at the sichblog we sailed with Jaime’s  Dad Capt. Jim from Guatemala to Isla Mujeres, Mexico and then traveled by bus around Mexico and Guatemala.  We had discussed getting a trailer  at some point and visiting some of the National Parks in the West that Jaime hasn’t seen  – not counting Crater Lake where we went to with my folks last year and Joshua Tree 60 miles away I think the count is zero.  After a particularly rough night at sea for Jaime I told her “OK we will get that trailer next year and stay on dry land.”

I’m happy to report  we have purchased the trailer – Pacific Coachworks Tango 256RKS –  and are now making plans to depart in May. This also necessitated buying my/our first truck. No more yuppified SUVs for us;)

For our maiden voyage we camped 7 days in the Arizona outback with my parents and their friends last week. We had a great time and added a zillion things on our “to buy” list before our next departure.

Pics from our trip:
Arizona Outback
More photos on flickr.

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  1. I was cold, wet, uncomfortable, sea sick and in between storms, I remember looking over at you and saying: Two words – motor home. It’s just not natural to not be able to stop, pull over, take a break.

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