Valle De Guadalupe

We crossed the border through Tecate with a brief stop for a cursory inspection and then headed south to Baja’s wine country – Valle de Guadalupe. We stopped last spring on the way back to the US and fell in love with this spot. For $10 a night donation, we stayed at Rancho Sordo Mundo’s (school for the deaf) RV Park.

Places visited:

Adobe Guadalupe
Beautiful vineyard. 

We enjoyed a nice meal from the food truck. Duck and ribeye sandwiches. Good wine and they made a nice pale ale.

Decantos Vinicola
This was probably our favorite winery. Great views and wine. Really cool architecture. Cute vineyard dog named Wino.

Vinicola Emeve
Our server at Adobe Guadalupe told us that Emeve had one of the best
Rosés in the Valle. We didn’t agree. Their hand soap had a nice fragrance so we bought that instead.

Baron Balche
We popped in here on our way down from Decantos. Tour was interesting, however, we found the wines to be unremarkable.

Finca Altozano
Interesting open-air restaurant by the well known Chef Javier Plascencia. We split the green octopus ceviche, ahi tostada and a dry-aged ribeye steak.

La Cocina d Marco
Best meal we had. Kind of a hole in the wall place with great food that Anthony Bourdain would have loved. Luke from Rancho Sordo Mundo said Marco’s quesadillas stuffed with shrimp, beef, chicken, and veggies would change our life. He wasn’t wrong.

Marco said (I think) that he was moving to a new location but you can find him on Facebook –

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  1. Anya Kuykendall says: Reply

    Very nice. I think we need to go south next winter.

    1. Si. Don’t think. Do!

  2. Patti Grossman says: Reply

    Gorgeous photos.

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