Wrapping up Mexico

Yesterday we left Oaxaca on a relatively short bus hop over to Veracruz. The scenery coming down the mountains was pretty spectacular. At one point the area reminded me of Yosemite with massive granite mountains and valleys except there were huge 6-8 foot tall cacti.

We are getting ready to leave Veracruz on a 2:30p bus today and will get in to Matamoros tomorrow morning and walk across the border to meet Cpt. Jim in Brownsville, Texas. We opted for the luxury Uno bus line and will hopefully have a comfy ride. The beaches in Veracruz aren’t exactly white sand and won’t be earning an “A” rating in the LA County grading system anytime soon so there wasn’t much to tempt us into staying in longer. Still many, many places here in Mexico I would like to see. Next time.


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