2018 Highlights

That’s a wrap for 2018. We started off the new year with friends, in Anza-Borrego, went to another Xscapers bash in Arizona and California, went back to Baja, drove Highway 395 in California, back in the NW for summer and fall, enjoyed the awesomeness of Moab, Utah, and finished the year in Arizona. Here’s a quick highlight video –

5 Replies to “2018 Highlights”

  1. Deborah Knight says: Reply

    Loved the video. This is one beautiful country!

    1. Thanks! We agree and including Mexico.

  2. Great video highlighting your 2018, Scott. Crosby seems enjoying all the activities as you both do. It’ll be about a year before we get back in our bus. Hope you and Jaime are doing well on that side of the globe.

    1. Thanks, Keng. We are having a blast in Baja.

  3. suzanne Sichler says: Reply

    Great recap, so much fun to watch. May 2019 be as awesome.

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