Adventures Ahead

Monday we finally leave the parents driveway and head out for the unknown or Sunriver (whichever comes first). We sold our last thing from California, our beloved Land Cruiser and bought a 2014 Jeep Wrangler that was already setup for RV towing. My parents posed for a ceremonial passing of the keys before heading out for a weekend trip to the valley. Congrats to Alex on your Y-C graduation.


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  1. and the adventure begins!

  2. Andy Sichler says: Reply

    Looking good. Bon Voyage. May you enjoy your Winnebago adventures as much or more than we did. Love, Mom & Dad

  3. Finally getting a chance to get on your blog. So great! I’m dying to know what the inside of the RV looks like. If that’s too intrusive, can you say how its set up generally? How is RV living so far? Biggest challenges? Anything that has suprised you about it?

    1. Hi Caitlin – Thanks for stopping by. Didn’t get a notification on your comments for some reason. I will post some pictures Jaime took when it was cleaner! It’s a great setup.

      Summer can be tough to score spots. We are looking forward to fall! No big surprises for me as we did a 5 month trip in our much smaller trailer in 2009. This is much nicer.

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