Boondocking Bliss in Upper Bobcat

After staying in RV parks for a while, it was time to unplug and head out for some open space. We consulted and found the perfect free camping area close to our route, outside of Winthrop, Washington. The Upper Bobcat is a fish and game access area but seems to be relatively empty when it’s not hunting season.


We found a great spot in a meadow next to the river. The Bago has two solar panels but we opted for a shadier spot and ran the generator for an hour or so a day to meet our modest electrical needs. I replaced most of the lights with LEDs and it seems to make a difference.


Did I mention this was free?

We mostly had the area to ourselves until the weekend. I enjoyed a nice outdoor solar shower in the buff before neighbors arrived (sorry no pictures).


Nearby trails led up to several waterfalls. The water was very cold so we didn’t attempt a dip to cool off. Weather was in the low 90’s but it cooled off at night so no A/C needed.


The Winthrop area has a ton of mountain bike trails and great views looking towards the North Cascades. We really enjoyed our stay here and could easily spend a couple of weeks.

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  1. You are on a roll. Love this area; reminds us of where we use to hunt in OR. Great pics & info on your camping experiences. Love, Mom

    1. You would love it here.

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