Cañon Sumidero, (Sumidero Canyon) Mexico

Jaime and I went on a tour to Sumidero Canyon today. A van took us about an hour away and 5,000 feet lower in elevation to the start of a boat ride through the canyon. The cliffs towered 2,500 feet above the river. It was truly spectacular. The only ugly part was coming around a bend and seeing trash – mainly plastic bottles – in some of the coves.

Here’s some of the pics. You can click on these to go to my Flickr photostream and see more from the trip and larger sizes.
Cañon Sumidero, (Sumidero Canyon)




I had asked about swimming when booking the tour but after seeing the muddy brown water and these guys I’m glad it wasn’t part of the tour.


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  1. Wow I’m glad yu didn’t go swimming but the area looks fantastic. Keep those pics coming. We’ll be following in your tracks. M&D

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