Crazy Quartzsite Arizona

For most of the year Quartzsite, Arizona is just a blip on the map and place to fill the gas tank before crossing the Colorado River into California. Come January, the area fills with RVers attending the giant RV Show. We camped for 13 days (1/14-1/18) outside town with the Xscapers a group of working aged RVers.

The Xscapers Convergence was a fairly informal gathering but packed in Instant Pot demos, technology discussions, margarita contests, cornhole, and just hanging out by fires to warm up on a cool desert night.

The weather was less than ideal at times with rain and lows in the 30’s.

Our Borrego New Years buddies, Stacey and Gary of Pau Hana Travels, saved us a spot across from their rig and ever popular campfire and cooler.

With over 60 RVs it occasionally felt a little less than an intimate gathering and more social bumper cars as Jaime described it. Regardless of the size we met some great folks we will hopefully see more of down the road.

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  1. I like the description Jaime gave of the bumper car analogy. Just sorry the weather had to be uncooperative. However, it did keep the dust down which is always welcomed. The Xscapers looks like a plethora of ages, interests & rigs. Of course you must recognize that Quartzsite is not the usual reason why so many people come out to enjoy the Arizona Outback. We really like the night time photography, keep the pics coming.

    1. Thanks. The weather is perfect now. So sometimes you got to take the good with the bad. Hope to see you soon.

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