Kofa Wildlife Refuge

After a crazy and crowded Quartzsite stay we were ready to get away from it all and seek some serious desert solitude. First, we headed back to Yuma and the Desert Paradise Encore park to restock. The weather finally warmed up and Yuma was starting to grow on us. We soaked up some sun, enjoyed the pool/spa, and did some grocery. Jaime did a ton of laundry. We met up with new Xscaper friends Kelly and Marshall for a quick trip down to Algodones, Mexico. Mission complete and fully loaded we headed back North up Highway 95 to Kofa Wildlife Refuge off of Palm Canyon Road.

Our spot was in BLM land just before the Refuge. The mountains here rise up to almost 5.000′ above the desert and allegedly have a healthy population of bighorn sheep. We saw their tracks and poop but no actual sheep spotings.

We did see and hear coyotes. One night a kit fox wandered through camp so we didn’t come up completely blank on wildlife sightings.

Xscaper friends, Kirk and Anya joined us for some amazing boondocking. The sunsets here were sublime. The temps stayed in the 70’s and 80’s. Arizona February perfection.

Clear nights made for great stargazing.

The Bago enjoyed the sunsets as well.

Our spot was just off Palm Canyon Road. Free 14 day BLM dispersed camping i.e. park anywhere off the road that looks like someone has camped there before.

A last campfire.

I will post a part II of this area for the hiking and activities.

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  1. Beautiful place that we just heard about recently. So, I’m glad that you wrote about it. Looking forward to your next post of Kofa.

    1. You guys should come check it out.

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