Death Valley National Park

Our quest for sun took us to the hottest, driest, and lowest point in North America. Death Valley did not disappoint with clear skies and the temperature hitting the 90’s at a our camp in Furnace Creek. During the day we headed for higher elevations and cooler temps.

Tea Kettle Junction

We took a rocky and rutted dirt road out to see Racetrack Playa dry lake bed and the famous sailing stones. Teakettle Junction on the road is a great photo op. Visitors from around the world leave teakettles on the sign.

Racetrack Playa Grandstand

The above photo shows the rocky formation known at the Grandstand.

The Race Track Playa

After walking around the playa, in search of the stones we came up empty. Oh well, it was still a very cool place to see.

Ubehebe Crater

We visited Ubehebe Crater on the way back to camp. I think we have a photo somewhere of my Dad and I here 26 years ago.


Our campground in the overflow area of Sunset was basically a gravel parking lot. The backdrop of rocks and mountains was well worth the $12 per day.

Death Valley

We loved sitting outside at night in shorts and t-shirts. The moon limited the star gazing but it was still pretty great.

Zabriskie Point and badlands.

Zabriskie Point

Another cool Jeep trip up to Echo Canyon.

Echo Canyon

I did get a pretty good echo in the canyon.

Echo Canyon

On our last day in the park, we got up early and headed down to Badwater.


The salt flats looked like a giant ice skating rink.

Devil's Golf Course

The nearby Devil’s Golf Course was also an interesting stop.

Natural Bridge

Our last stop was a quick hike up to Natural Bridge. With our campground filling up for the 49ers Encampment we decided to pack up and leave a little early for Mojave National Preserve.

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  1. Great pictures as always Scott. Your post made me even miss an opportunity to explore Death Valley more last month. What a place.

    1. Thanks Keng. It is a truly awesome place.

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