Alabama Hills, Lone Pine

We followed the sun and found beautiful 75 degree weather outside of Lone Pine, California. The Alabama Hills are familiar even if you have never been here as many commercials, movies, and TV shows have been filmed here. The hills feature otherworldly rock formations and sit at the base of Mt. Whitney and the Eastern Sierras.


This all BLM land so you can camp for free just about anywhere. We went down a dusty dirt road and couldn’t find a suitable space for the Bago so we opted for the nearby Tuttle Creek Campground. A reasonable $5 per night got you panoramic views and peace and quiet.


We explored the area and even Crosby enjoyed scrambling around on the rocks.


The arches are interesting like this Eye of the Alabama Hills.


Nothing the scale of what you would find in Utah but the scenery is unmatched anywhere.


The Jeep was great for getting off road.


Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the lower 48 and the portal where most climbers start is at over 8,000 feet and has a cool icy waterfall.


I don’t think I could ever get tired of these views.


One more sunset and we’re off to Death Valley National Park.


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  1. Great photos Scott. We also scouted out Tuttle Creek Campground for future visit. It had a decent Verizon cellular signal, esp. for the back campsites that are at a higher elevation.

    1. Thanks Keng. Yep we are getting a good Verizon signal here.

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