Sonoma and Russian River

We finally left Oregon with our hopes of a pleasant Fall dashed by record rain. It had been a great summer but it was time to move South. We drove through the redwoods stopping at the Avenue of the Giants.


We decided to break up our drive and stay overnight at the Bear River Casino south of Eureka. Casinos have RV parking and will let you stay up to three nights if you join their player’s club. We took advantage of their free slot play and walked away with $13.01. Enjoyed a nice $14 prime rib dinner.  Unfortunately the winds howled all night, rocking the Bago around. We pushed on the next day for Russian River Campground.

Russian River Campground

We were a little disappointed with the campground as it had old narrow sites with very few that would fit the Bago. The area is beautiful and has a lot of wineries.


We visited a few wineries including Francis Ford Coppola which had impressive Tuscan inspired grounds and buildings. Inside featured displays of his Oscars and movie memorable.


The Godfather’s desk and chair from the film.

Godfather desk

We cut our stay short by a few days as the rain continued and decided to keep pushing South in search of the elusive sun.


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