Harris Beach State Park

This is our third time camping at Harris Beach State Park in Brookings. We love the area and it’s a great state park. Well maintained and plenty of hookups sites available with the summer crowds gone. Unfortunately this has been one of the wettest Octobers on record. Oh well. Praise the lord and pass the Gortex.


Secret Beach up the road was a great hike on the coastal trail. I tried to get this cool little waterfall below in the pano shot.


After raining all day, the sun finally came out.

Harris Beach

Well, that’s a wrap for Oregon this year. Onto California and beyond. Tomorrow may rain (guaranteed) so we’ll follow the sun. Still many places on the list to see next year.

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  1. Really like all the shots of the coast, especially the water fall. Safe trip to CA, where hopefully you will find an abundance of sun. Mom & Dad

  2. Hi,

    I’m checking out some of the blogs for full time RVers we follow on Instagram. Just wanted to say your photography is really impressive. I’m adding places to our “list” as I check out the places you’ve blogged about. Very nice work. Are you guys on the road indefinitely or for a specific period of time?

    1. Hi Laura – Thanks stopping by and the kinds words. We are traveling indefinitely.

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