YouTube Channel

We’ve added a new Away We Winnebago YouTube channel.¬† We aren’t planning on Vlogging but will be posting short videos on the places we visit. Please check it out if you are bored. Here’s the first video on the awesome waterfalls of McDowell Creek here in Oregon:

Back to Pac City

The heat wave and smoke continued into September so we decided to make a break for the coast. We first booked Thousand Trails South Jetty but decided to go back to Pacific City after Kirk and Anya told us about some recent thefts at South Jetty. The beach here is a Crosby favorite and just […]

The Eclipse

Besides a trip up to Olympic National Park, this summer has been about hanging out with family in Oregon and the main event – the full eclipse on August 21. We stayed twice at the Bend-Sunriver Thousand Trails and got to meet up with RV friends who were also in Oregon for the eclipse.   […]

Olympic National Park

From Pacific City, we headed up the coast to Ocean Shores, Washington. We passed through some epic scenery but didn’t stop as Google told us we had at least a five hour drive. The Washington portion of Highway 101 was especially curvy and bouncy. We have learned to be wary of opening cabinets after a […]

Harris Beach State Park

This is our third time camping at Harris Beach State Park in Brookings. We love the area and it’s a great state park. Well maintained and plenty of hookups sites available with the summer crowds gone. Unfortunately this has been one of the wettest Octobers on record. Oh well. Praise the lord and pass the […]

Waldo Lake

I had been looking forward to getting back to Waldo Lake. My family has been coming here for years and it’s a very special place. The lake is in the Cascades¬†Mountains between Eugene and Bend. It’s kind of Oregon’s answer to Lake Tahoe but more remote and less visited. Motorized boats are banned so it’s […]

Opal Creek

We had kind of planned on going to Glacier National Park in September. Glacier is one of our favorite National Parks if not favorite. But Oregon seems to be tugging at our heart so we are looking at staying and exploring more of this beautiful state before the infamous rains arrive and we start heading […]


We are in Oregon, getting the Winnebago ready to hit the road. We realize we haven’t updated the blog in a while but trust us, we are working hard. If you are reading the blog, please leave a comment and say Hi. We love to hear from family, friends and visitors to the site. Cheers!