Back to Pac City

The heat wave and smoke continued into September so we decided to make a break for the coast. We first booked Thousand Trails South Jetty but decided to go back to Pacific City after Kirk and Anya told us about some recent thefts at South Jetty.

The beach here is a Crosby favorite and just a quick walk or Jeep ride from the campground. Crosby also likes to bring back half the sand from the beach with him so there’s a little clean up involved before he gets back in the Bago.

We had nice weather with pure ocean air and mostly sunny skies.

Some drone shots of the beach and cape area.

We also happened to meet up with Xscaper friends Bill and Porter (check out their awesome IG feed for great photos). This summer has been great to see them and our other wacky full-time RV friends during our trips. A big change from last year when hadn’t yet located our nomadic tribe.

The beer at Pelican Brewing is pretty good and the view is even better.

I did a quick hike up part way at Cape Lookout. The views here are pretty amazing.

Here’s some video footage of the trip –

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  1. Anya Kuykendall says: Reply

    Looks like a great time.

    1. It was. Just missing some Landlopers.

  2. So glad you found your tribe, it adds to the enjoyment of the life style. Love the blog, great pictures.

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