Clear Lake and The McKenzie River

We had been wanting to get back up to the McKenzie River and camp for a while to enjoy all the area has to offer. Coming back to Oregon in June from spending most of our spring out in the deserts of California and Arizona this drive was an explosion of green. We found a review of the Coldwater Cove Campground on and decided to try five days before joining our family at Belknap Springs down the road for the weekend.

Clear Lake

The weather turned out to be great and maybe the last gasp of indian summer as it seems like monsoon season has started now in Oregon.

Clear Lake

We hiked, biked (me), and paddled every day.

Clear Lake Springs

The water looks almost tropical but is fed by springs and close to freezing.

SUP Clear Lake

You definitely did not want to fall in.

The McKenzie River starts at the end of the lake.

SUP Clear Lake

The campground is a quick hike over to the McKenzie River and two waterfalls.

Koosah Falls

Koosah Falls.

Koosah Falls

From the land of sky blue waters.

McKenzie River

Sahalie Falls

Sahalie Falls

Clear nights made for great stargazing.

Clear Lake Nights

Our final night brought more clouds and an awesome sunset.

Clear Lake Sunset


4 Replies to “Clear Lake and The McKenzie River”

  1. Looks like a great trip to take. Beautiful pictures; maybe next year.

    1. Would love to see you up here in your new RV next year.

  2. Margot Kelley says: Reply

    Hello! I am looking at reserving this site, and it seems like it would be big enough for my trailer as the driveway length is 64 ft. However, in your review you said you had trouble – was it just the leveling of the site or was it narrow or shorter than expected? I need at least 44 ft…. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Margot – Sounds like it will be big enough for you. The tricky part here is that the sites can be pretty narrow, steep, and have lots of trees. Great spot. Enjoy!

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