Waldo Lake

I had been looking forward to getting back to Waldo Lake. My family has been coming here for years and it’s a very special place. The lake is in the Cascades Mountains between Eugene and Bend. It’s kind of Oregon’s answer to Lake Tahoe but more remote and less visited.

Waldo Lake

Motorized boats are banned so it’s a paradise for paddle sports. We did a brief SUP session on the lake but unfortunately the wind was picking up as weather moved in.

Jaime Floating

This was from our last trip in 2014. The visibility in the lake is over 100 feet.


Very few of the campsites will fit the Bago but we managed to squeeze in. Our fresh water tank valve developed a leak and we lost all 75 gallons. Bad news for the luxury of a hot shower after a day hiking, paddling or moutain biking (also excellent here).

Waldo Lake Forest

Still despite the weather and mechanical difficulties we enjoyed our stay.


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  1. Waldo Lake is one of our favorite destinations. Great pictures. It’s fun to watch the Bago live another day for making memories.
    Mom & Dad

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