Olympic National Park

From Pacific City, we headed up the coast to Ocean Shores, Washington. We passed through some epic scenery but didn’t stop as Google told us we had at least a five hour drive. The Washington portion of Highway 101 was especially curvy and bouncy. We have learned to be wary of opening cabinets after a trip like this as contents have definitely shifted.

We eventually made it to Oceana Thousand Trails and met back up with Kirk and Anya who saved us a spot in a grassy meadow next to the beach. The beach and scenery here are just OK compared to the Oregon Coast (sure I’m biased). We had to wait an extra day to get our windshield repaired but eventually left after five days to Olympic National Park a short drive North.

Kirk and Anya arrived at the South Beach Campground first and engaged in hand to hand combat to find a spot for all of us. The campground is basically a parking lot with pick-nick tables but it’s right on the beach.

We were treated to daily sightings of Minke whales feeding close off shore.

We had some great sunsets and generally good weather for the area.

Our dogs loved the beach.

Nearby Ruby Beach has great tide pools…

and interesting rock formations.

We enjoyed hiking in the rain forests without the rain.

The park itself is quite large and we didn’t end up visiting as many places as 2009 when we stayed in Port Angeles, Kalaloch, and Port Townsend. We headed back to Oregon to meet up with Jim and Tami for some fun on the lake in their boat.

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