We left Veracruz on 5/10 at 5p and arrived in Chetumal the following day around 2p. The ADO bus was very cold and seemed to have some engine problems as the bus driver stopped several times to do something with the engine. Luckily we did not break down somewhere in the jungle.
Pig Walk post card from Guatemala
We left Chetumal the following morning at 6am went through Belize to Guatemala. Belize seems very poor but you notice many of the shacks are brightly painted and have flowers in the yard.

 Crossing over to Guatemala the poverty is much worse. The pavement ended at the border and it was a dusty 15 miles to start of the paved road in Guatemala. The bus from Chetumal wasn’t air conditioned and it was nice to smell the moist tropical air in the morning. By 11a it was starting to get very hot and I was missing the cold Mexican bus and wearing a jacket to stay warm.

The bus made it to Flores, Guatemala by 3p and we found a reasonable hotel with A/C overlooking the lake. Flores is on an Island and was a Mayan city before the Spanish built over the top of it.

 CA0508 022


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  1. So it was a pig bus and not a chicken bus??

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