La Conner

La Conner was one of our favorite Thousand Trails from last year. We had decided to head south to Moab but made a little detour to get up here to soak in a little early fall sun. The first few days did not disappoint. We hiked the rocky beaches, paddled our boards, and enjoyed the quiet park with Summer crowds gone.

This being the Pacific Northwest, rain came back in the forecast and we had a couple of stormy days.

After a hot and sometimes smokey summer, it was kind of nice to get a little a rain but a good reminder of things to come.

A rare sunset rainbow.

We squeezed in a few walks in between the shores and tucked in the Bago.

On Sunday the weather cleared and we drove out to Whidbey Island, crossing through Deception Pass.

We would love to explore the San Juan Islands. Maybe when we come back next year and spend more time here.

Crosby seems to agree that this is an awesome spot.

So that’s a wrap for now. Questions? Comments? Fire away. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Anya Kuykendall says: Reply

    Looks nice there.

    1. It’s really nice. You will have to come up next year. We are thinking a couple of weeks in September would be perfect. Great paddling.

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