We first visited Moab in 2009 in our travel trailer. Moab is a mecca for hiking, mountain biking, and offroad adventuring with two amazing National Parks (Arches and Canyonlands).  Our friends Denny and Veronica from RV Outlawz posted some pretty great pictures of their stay there and with the usual fall dampness setting in, we decided to make a beeline from La Conner, Washington and enjoy the best month of weather there. After pushing through three days we arrived at a great boondocking spot off Klondike Bluffs Road.

Our spot had a great view of Arches NP and had some privacy on one side. The Outlawz joined us for a long weekend of fun.

The Klondike Bluffs area has awesome Jeep and mountain biking trails. We decided to take Denny’s Jeep up the slickrock trail to the entrance of Arches NP for a quick hike. After too many of Denny’s potent margaritas, Jaime opted to stay back at the Bago.

The hike into Arches featured some great views.

The Outlawz packed up and returned to their RV park after the weekend. Jaime recovered and we explored the area some more.

We had been looking at these rock formations in Arches from our camp. They seemed close and I found a Jeep trail that got us close enough to hike in.

Jaime jumps for joy everytime I talk about hiking up somewhere to see a great view.

The contrast of fresh snow on the mountains and red rocks was pretty spectacular.

We made it to Tower Arch despite scant trail markings.

Short video of the hike.

With all the great trails in Moab it was hard to choose which one to do, although the ones with names like “Metal Masher” and “Poison Spider” sounded a bit scary. Gemini Bridges was rated easy and featured two arches side by side.

The rocks here were impressive (sorry running out of superlatives).

The top of the road leads into Cayonlands National Park.

We have spent very little time in the park but I would love to go back and take a Jeep trip down into the back country.

Dinosaur tracks can be found throughout the area.

I enjoyed three mountain bike rides in the Klondike Trail system. My new bike can definitely handle the slickrock and bumps but my old body is not so sure about some of the climbs and technical obstacles.

We dry camped for ten days and really enjoyed our stay. Have you been to Moab? What did we miss? Leave us a comment below.


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  1. Fred and Lanette Castle says: Reply

    Did you get a chance to ride the river boat for an evening cruise? The light show is spectacular!!

    1. We didn’t. Sounds like we need to next time. Thanks for the tip!

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