Goosenecks State Park

From Moab we headed South towards Valley of The Gods. We had originally planned to boondock down a dirt road but Jaime’s iPhone failed to direct us correctly and my GPS POI had us going up the wrong direction. Seeing signs for Goosenecks State Park, I made a gametime decision to check it out.

For a reasonable $10 per day to camp on the edge of a canyon and spread out spots, we decided to stay a couple of days.

The first night was very clear and conditions were perfect for Milky Way photos.

The next day we headed over to Valley of the Gods in the Jeep to scout out spots for next time.

It turned out to be a really interesting place and somewhere we would love to camp. I think Jaime was concerned with all the red dirt, Crosby might turn even pinker.

We did a quick drive-by of Monument Valley and I’m convinced Valley of the Gods has more to offer.



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  1. […] first heard about Goosenecks State Park from reading Scott’s blog post. The idea of parking Stimpy on the rim of a rock cliff overlooking a deep canyon was all I needed […]

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