From Goosenecks we headed Southwest to Cottonwood outside of Sedona. We had stayed last Spring at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails and it was one of our favorites but a little hard to get into because many people feel the same way. Jaime managed to get us a two week reservation which went by pretty quickly.

The Outlaw Trail is one of many 4X4 trails in Sedona. This one starts at an Indian Cliff dwelling ruin.

The hiking and mountain biking here are also world class with amazing red rock views. We met up with fellow RVers to hike Doe Mountain.

Mescal Mountain was another nice hike. I liked it so much I came back and did it as part of a mountain bike loop with the Chuckwagon Trail.

Our road amigos, Veronica and Denny (RV Outlawz) were staying close by and we also met up with Johan and Kiki (Riding with Clyde) for wine tasting and a nice dinner in Old Town Cottonwood.

The Sedona area also has a lot of Indian ruins. We visited Montezuma’s Castle.

The nearby Montezuma Well was also interesting.

The water looked a little iffy for swimming.

Afterwards, we headed to the V-Bar-V Heritage Site to see the petroglyphs.

This site was beautiful.

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