Let sleeping sharks lie

I’ve been doing some diving the past three days with Coral Scuba Dive Center here in Isla Mujeres. The first two days we did shallow dives on the reefs in front of the island. Easy diving and interesting fish and coral to look at.
Nurse shark picture taken by Mark L. on our trip to Cozumel last year

Yesterday was the big day. We went to the “Sleeping Shark Cave” featured in a 1970’s Jacques Cousteau documentary. It’s common to see mostly harmless nurse sharks motionless on the bottom. We saw several in Belize off of Caye Caulker but the caves here are supposed to have bull and reef sharks… sometimes… According to our divemaster they are not very common now due to damage from the last hurricane and over fishing. The coral ledges and overhangs (not really a cave) made for an interesting dive site and we did see turtles, a large spotted eagle ray, and an 8 foot long green moray eel but alas no man eating sharks taking a snooze.

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