San Felipe, Baja Mexico

We went down for two weeks of sun, sand, and fun with our Xscapers friends Denny and Veronica from RV Outlawz in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Really nice weather and great company. The drive down was an easy 120 miles or so from El Centro, California. Here’s a video of our waterfront site from Denny. Not bad for $20 including full hookups.

Video from my drone.

Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez.

Sunsets were pretty amazing too.

Sunset looking back at the sand dunes.

A supermoon rise over the Sea of Cortez.

We enjoyed some serious hammock time and perhaps a Cerveza or two.

Crosby loved his Baja experience also.

Denny made some mean margaritas.

We had a movie night on the beach.

The sea can be a bit on the murky side but we still enjoyed paddling in calm conditions.

A series of winter storms brought rain to the desert. By the time we arrived, Baja was blooming.

Video of massive Cardon Cacti South of town –

When our two weeks were up, we decided to stay longer. Denny and Veronica had fun but working remotely in Margaritaville on East Coast time can be a bit of a challenge so they opted to leave.

For me, the road south beckons.



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  1. Andy Sichler says: Reply

    Looks like you’re living the dream. Keep on what you guys do best, having fun & enjoying life.
    Mom & Dad

    Thanks for the wonderful pics.

    1. Thanks. Hope to see you down here next year.

  2. Hi, were coming down at the end of April. Is this a place to rent for camping? What is the name of it?


    1. Hi Matt – It’s called Victor’s RV Park and they have campsites and rooms for rent.

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