San Felipe 250 Race

When we came down to San Felipe, the plan was to only stay for two weeks. The big San Felipe 250 off-road race, and ensuing madness, was coming to town so we needed to hit the road before. But then Lily at Victor’s RV Park let us know we could keep our spot and stay to enjoy what she said was the biggest event of the year. We couldn’t think of a reason to leave Margaritaville, so stay we did.

Our friends Denny and Veronica (RV Outlawz) departed and were replaced by the Bevly-Wilson race team and their awesome trophy trucks.

The town was packed and by Friday the Malecon was closed off for the pre-race festivities.

We ended up actually enjoying all the madness. This was our first motorsports event and we had a front-row seat at Victor’s RV Park. The local fans are nuts about the event and love talking about the sport.


The Bevly-Wilson Team were a great group of guys and we enjoyed having them at the RV park.

Billy Wilson took second place despite hitting a tree in zero visibility conditions.

Some of my drone video –

A few more photos on The Away We Winnebago Facebook page.

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