After Baja we started heading North as temperatures started to creep up in the desert and made plans to meet up with friends Kirk and Anya in Sedona, Arizona. We had read about a great boondocking spot outside of town on Sedona and the area in general was pretty crowded as Easter approached but Kirk and Anya managed to find us a great spot with amazing red rock views.

Temperatures were pretty much perfect, with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s. Our solar was cranking so we didn’t need to run the generator. We had good cell coverage and even great HDTV broadcast channels – this time on Survivor!


The hiking here is awesome.

Every morning, when the winds were light, we saw hot air balloons floating over Sedona. A couple of times they even landed in camp.

Eventually, we find the main downside to our free site was the red dirt. Crosby was slowly turning into a peach poodle! When the winds picked up, the dust was pretty bad. We ended our stay at great Thousand Trails outside of nearby Cottonwood and enjoyed the pool and spa to soak away the red dust. More photos on the Bago Facebook page. 

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