The Grand Canyon

Our northward migration continued to the Grand Canyon. We found another great boondocking site on Campendium just outside the park borders.

I did a hike  into the canyon on the South Kaibab trail. This is a pretty steep trail and the 7,000ft elevation at the canyon rim make for a difficult hike.

Maybe a mule ride back up would be a better idea?

Back on top after a dusty climb.

The weather had turned pretty cold and windy for May in Arizona, but at 6,000ft plus the Grand Canyon is definitely not Yuma. Jaime knit Kirk a hat, which came in handy for sitting outside, even with their new awesome firepit.

On what turned out to be our last day, we started to see smoke drifting around camp. Kind of a scary situation when you are camped in a forest.

After talking to some Forest Service employees driving by, we learned a prescribed burn was happening in the area. The winds were gusting to 20mph+ so burning the forest didn’t seem like a great idea. We all decided it was best to leave. Kirk and Anya were headed to California and unfortunately broke down a short drive later with a minor sensor problem. We had a windy drive to our next spot on Lake Powell. We’re already looking forward to meeting up with them again soon.


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