The Subway at Zion

On our last full day camping outside of Zion National Park, I was lucky to score a last minute permit to hike the amazing Subway. I did the non-technical bottom up route. The top down route requires repelling.

The hike is only 9 miles but is definitely challenging as you have to cross back and forth over a creek. There’s also no real trail and a lot scrambling over rocks and logs.

The scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

 Fortunately I got an early start and saw very few other hikers. This pair contemplated the last part where you have to submerge into the chilly water to go any further. Wetsuits are recommended.  We collectively decided not to go any further.


After seeing shoes thrown away the trail head, I decided to bring my trainers and hiking boots. I had a change of wool socks after I finished the water portion. I should have used a hiking pole or walking stick for some of the slippery rock areas.

Unfortunately the weather looked like it could rain again so I hustled back home to the Bago so we could pack up and leave. We spent a non-eventful night at our first Walmart.


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