Virgin Dam Boondocking

From Lake Powell we drove a couple hours north to a boondocking spot close to Zion National Park by the Virgin River dam. Jaime questioned my sanity for taking the Bago down a slightly sketchy looking rutted dirt road to the edge of a canyon and refused to even look as I drove. We scouted it out first in the Jeep and I pronounced it doable.

A million dollar view for nada is hard to pass up but when it started to rain a couple of days latter and I sunk into a gooey red mud, I started to question my sanity. Would we slide off the edge or slowly sink our 28,000 pound Bago into the goo? Nope. The rain stopped the next day and slowly dried over the course of the week before we attempted to leave. You can see the muddy ruts in the below picture. Fortunately we have the Jeep.

Jaime models the latest in mud protection footwear.

Besides the one day of rain, our spot was great with quick access to Zion National Park. Across the canyon had excellent moutain biking and hiking trails.

Drone video of our spot –

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  1. What a beautiful camping spot. Glad that it was a solid ground underneath it. Let’s not have motorhome sliding in mud closer to the edge please. My palms sweat just thinking about it.

    1. Definitely did not sleep well the night it rained.

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