Tropical Depression

Still here in Placencia, Belize.  Tropical Depression Arthur passed through bringing lots of rain and high winds. We recorded 40 knots on the instruments but did fine tied up to the new docks they are building for the Placencia Yacht Club There’s a song called “Just Another Gringo in Belize” that mentions the gringo buying a mudhole that this places reminds me of. The pilings for the pier and the condos they are building need to be sunk 32 feet into the ground/mud. The soil looks to be full of sea shells so that should tell the potential owner something…

Jaime is flying in tomorrow. Hopefully the boat will look OK for her arrival. We havent been running the AC so it’s a bit clammy inside with all the rain. No worries though dear Capt. Jim will fire up the AC if you start crying.

I think with all this rain I might be in a bit of a tropical depression myself. I’m at the Purple Space Monkey Cafe taking advantage of their free Wifi. The good thing about service in Belize restaurants is that they wont bother you asking if you want anything so I guess I can sit here and not buy anything. This is first time I’ve been off the boat and dock so everything seems to be moving slightly and it’s a bit hot without the sea breeze.

I’ve uploaded more pics to my Flickr page- – if anyone wants to take a look. Drop me an email at my yahoo address – ssichler – I would love to hear from people.

 Placencia street sign

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