Up to Washington

We finally left Oregon and ventured into Washington. Our first stop was Cougar, Washington close to Mt. St. Helens. We enjoyed a few nights in the bucolic small town staying at the Lone Fir Resort.


Jaime had never visited Mt. Saint Helens and unfortunately the the weather wasn’t great when we went to the mountain.


I’m still a little bitter that I was supposed to go to Boy Scout camp in the summer of 1980 at Spirit Lake before it got destroyed in May of that year.


2 Replies to “Up to Washington”

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. We can’t believe that you are still sore about not getting to go to Boy Scout Camp at Spirit Lake. We’re glad you get to do some dry camping to see how convenient it is & still have the luxury of showering & sleeping in a comfortable bed. Talk to you soon.

  2. Ha. Thanks Dad. I still remember the slide show for Spirit Lake. Oh well. Yep we are comfy and enjoyed the dry camping.

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