Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Wine Country

For our last stop in Baja we headed to the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe from San Felipe. Highway 3 was a little rough in the desert but the bigger potholes were patched and passable. Once we got closer to Ensenada the last section of the highway was pretty twisty with cars passing you on blind […]

San Felipe, Baja Mexico

We went down for two weeks of sun, sand, and fun with our Xscapers friends Denny and Veronica from RV Outlawz in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Really nice weather and great company. The drive down was an easy 120 miles or so from El Centro, California. Here’s a video of our waterfront site from Denny. Not […]

Wrapping up Mexico

Yesterday we left Oaxaca on a relatively short bus hop over to Veracruz. The scenery coming down the mountains was pretty spectacular. At one point the area reminded me of Yosemite with massive granite mountains and valleys except there were huge 6-8 foot tall cacti. We are getting ready to leave Veracruz on a 2:30p […]

Really, Really Old Stuff

Jaime and I have been getting our culture on for the past two days. Yesterday was a trip to Monte Alban ruins and today we went to the Centro Cultural Santo Domingo. The older gringos staying in our B&B love to discuss Oaxacan culture in excruciating detail. One lady was a bit taken a back […]

Oaxaca, Mexico

We are here in Oaxaca, Mexico after a 12 hour overnight bus ride from San Cristobal de las Casas. Not too much to report as we are still a bit fried and just had a couple of hours to wander around as our room was being prepared. Looks like a nice place. Holy crap!!! […]