Welcome to the jungle

Tortugal Marina, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

We are enjoying our time here on the Rio. We’ve been doing a little work on the boat in the morning and then hanging out for most of day and relaxing. There’s a great hammock in the thatch roof ranchita next to the dock I like to read in and listen to the sound of the jungle.

I can see how cruisers end up staying here long term. Life is very comfortable and you can easily get whatever you need by a quick dinghy ride into town or a nearby marina. We have decided to head up to Belize next Sunday.

Capt. Jim praying mantis whisperer

4 Replies to “Welcome to the jungle”

  1. WHAT is that on Capt Jim’s hand? Please tell me it will be gone before I get there!

  2. Hey Scott, awesome you’re back down in Latin America! We’re talking about a trip out to Belice in August, will you still be around?

    Or why not take the Canal over to the Pacific and sail up the coast to Chiapas and Oaxaca? I’m not sure what the sailing’s like, but I’m sure that would be an adventure. It’d also bring you quite a bit closer to San Cristóbal. 😉

  3. Loved hearing from you & the capt today, it made our day. Wish we were with you in Rio instead of painting. Is that a s american version of a praying mantis? Enjoying your blog.

  4. Placencia looks like a place your dad & I would enjoy. Sorry we missed your call, had to take your wife to McMennimin’s for a beer & burger. Tomorrow it’s Sex & The City & of course, the knitting shop.

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